NVDCMS is an advanced opensource (BSD License) Java/EJB-CMP-2.0/XML/XSLT Content Management System that can use any SQL database for content persistence. NVDCMS supports Virtual Hosting, SOAP/WebServices, custom XML transactionnal business process language and much more ;)

Why should I use NVDCMS?

NVDCMS has been inspired by the Apache Cocoon engine, but, it's now way ahead of Cocoon as it includes full dataflow processing structure/language. From the end user view point, NVDCMS abstracts all relationnal database concerns, using XML object mapping and simple command language.

  • NVDCMS is free and OpenSourced (BSD License): can easily be extended by anyone having a little Java knowledge.
  • NVDCMS is robust: many plateforms using NVDCMS are in production stage since more than one year.
  • NVDCMS is 100% XML oriented: it processes the XML document using a simple command language and XML object data structures. Actually, you will probably have a harder time designing your XSL stylesheets than your NVDCMS compatible XML documents.
  • NVDCMS is fast (even as fast as static HTML page web server): using advanced hierachical caching structure at each stage of processing. In fact, we have been able to saturate our 100Mbit ethernet LAN during our stress test on "after-processing cached XML document".
  • NVDCMS is scalable: with its 3 tiers architecture, NVDCMS can sustain heavy load on dynamic pages, distributing each piece in server cluster. In fact, all frontals use a distributed cache (based on JavaGroups) allowing classical weight-round-robin HTTP load balancing.
  • NVDCMS includes an internal search engine: all data stored is indexed on the fly inside the internal search engine.

Why shouldn't I use NVDCMS?

You should :). The single drawback of using a 3 tiers Java based architecture (database, EJB server, HTTP frondend) on a single machine is actually memory. Anyway, you should be able to run all 3 components with one JVM instance but expect some pretty heavy memory usage.

Also NVDCMS does not comes with a point and click IDE, allowing WYSIWYG web conception. We believe that it should not be a good reason to avoid NVDCMS (a decent XML/XSLT IDE is yet to be seen, if ever).

Can I download a ready to go binary package?

Not yet. We're currently working on a simple "all in one" distribution, but you can still get the source in CVS repository though.


You can download features tech sheet. Here is a short key features list:

  • XML/XSL pipeline translation for dynamic presentation and multi-format document production
  • Native support for multi-format rendering of FO documents to produce on the fly PDF, RTF, text using FOP/FOR libraries
  • Bitmap image processing (resize, format conversion)
  • SVG rasterisation using Batik
  • Multilanguage content management
  • Business Process and transaction commands (allows custom workflow)
  • Advanced dynamical privilege/rights management
  • Javascript and JSP-like XML scripting language
  • Web Service Invocation via WSDL
  • SOAP remote method invocation and data structure support
  • Content versioning (allowing modification history)
  • Syndication of content and multi-site data flow
  • Single sign on
  • Virtual hosting
  • Remote IMAP server consultation
  • Full LDAP read/write support
  • Internal search engine to allow fine grain search feature and PDF indexing
  • Mail sending (allow newsletter, mail alias, auto reply, mail alert)
  • Calendar data structure
  • XML Document signature and encryption
  • Per site WebDAV filesystem access support
  • JMX monitoring
  • Statistical log analysis tools
  • Distributed cache: avoid container server access and multilevel cache: container server, process level, document level
  • Gzip content compression and output
  • Server side statefull session variables (allow basket management, and avoid cookie data storage)
  • Multi-database SQL query with recursive tree request
  • Fine grain SQL query caching system